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Radium, however co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, design, production, installation, commissioning, technical training, technical services in one of the professional stage audio equipment science and technology enterprises.

Competitive advantage

1, product nine unique advantages:

VH series amplifiers short circuit, do not burn amplifiers. Strong protection of power amplifier

System configuration is simple, high reliability, low repair rate.

Music good reducibility, dynamic powerful;

No noise ability, the volume work normally microphone close up speakers don't scream;

2, who use our products, can send place sound technician to study debugging and maintenance of the company.

3, strong technical support

Company has independent development institutions and production centers, set research and development, production, sales as one, have a number of professional technical personnel, equipped with special after-sale service department and maintenance department.

4, professional design

Engineering and technical personnel according to the drawings provided by customers and requirements, formulate the suitable for decoration and market positioning of the best engineering site stereo configuration scheme.

5, perfect after-sale service system

Company established a special after-sale service department, set up after-sales maintenance department, specifically for old customers place, can send technical personnel to the site maintenance and debugging.

6, complete the construction of guarantee

Every place in the beginning of opening, the company would send technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation and debugging sound of party a, size scale project we all do pre-sale, sale, after-sales tracking, let customers buy the rest assured that with satisfaction.

Company will continue to uphold the spirit of good, take the customer as the core, the people-oriented enterprise concept, to achieve a win-win objective. Silent and cultivated, continuous innovation, to provide users with more specialized top products and better service.

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